Web Scraping and Black Lives Matter: analyzing patterns in ad placement

Our code running, automating a browser session, and collecting banner ad visits
{‘foreverspin.com’: 1887, ‘business.comcast.com’: 3, ‘www.npr.org': 5, ‘www.penguinrandomhouse.com': 38, ‘www.getrealmaine.com': 140, ‘www.brimstoneconsulting.com': 1, ‘www.ecmcfoundation.org': 2, ‘topshelf.nprpresents.org’: 4, ‘www.barracuda.com': 10, ‘www.cpb.org': 1, ‘www.macfound.org': 1, ‘www.ikonpass.com': 3, ‘mellon.org’: 2, ‘one.npr.org’: 5, ‘www.capitalone.com': 3, ‘www.dnb.com': 3, ‘avtech.com’: 1, ‘www.ddcf.org': 1, ‘sloan.org’: 1, ‘www.amazon.com': 1, ‘www.td.com': 1, ‘mejuri.com’: 1, ‘www.alonetogether.com': 1}
  • The website could be tracking our visits using cookies
  • The site could be monitoring our traffic using our IP address
  • The results could actually be representative of typical visits to the article




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Emily, Lily, Hannah, and Shivani

Emily, Lily, Hannah, and Shivani

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